Water sounds that seem relaxing but were actually recorded from leaks to warn about wastage.

According to a study by Instituto Trata Brasil, almost 40% of treated water is lost in pipes and connections during distribution.
The losses are equal in volume to 7,500 Olympic swimming pools per day.

The sound of water is recognized as a relaxing sound—it is common for people to listen to it as a way of meditating and relieving stress.
But the sound of waterfalls, streams, and rainfall are very similar to the sounds of a leaky pipe, an overflowing drain, or a burst hydrant.

To highlight this problem, on March 22 (World Water Day), we recreated relaxing sounds using the noise of water that is being wasted.
At the end of each audio track, we told the listener where the sound came from and revealed the above-mentioned facts about water wastage in Brazil, as well as how Amanco Wavin can help solve the problem. 
RADIO SPOT 60"  (english version)
RADIO SPOT 60"  (português)
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