Following the success of the HERSHE project in 2020, the brand decided to make a bigger effort for 2021, transforming it into a platform to support female artists.

For the second consecutive year, on International Women’s Day, Hershey’s used its packaging to showcase the different talents of women who dream of making a living with their art. Eight artists from different segments were invited to craft something specifically for the Her & She wrappers.
To promote the initiative, a music video featuring rapper and black feminist Yzalu. Full of feminist references including Tarsila do Amaral, Maria Bonita, Frida Kahlo, Angela Davis, and many others, the video pays tribute to the struggle of women who face adversities to be recognized as artists.
To reinforce the brand's commitment, more than 30 hours of mentoring and workshops were made in partnership with Plano Feminino, a gender and race equality consulting company.
And a digital exhibition gave visibility to hundreds of female artists with the HerShe Gallery in the brand's Instagram and website.
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